Welcome to Sissy Bunny, your new girly addiciton. We offer worldwide kinky cute fun for everyone, and that means you.

Created by Mistress Candy

(soon available to the public)

We are proudly the sluttier sister site of Club Candy Kisses! Though we are currently focused on feminizing with our main project, but we still encourage you to be a SISSY BUNNY!

Ask for the secret SISSY BUNNY STYLE SERVICE with any feminization or style kit for a sluttier Candy Kiss look, free fetish friendly Sissy Bunny survey, and free bunny ears with your tart transformation.

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Be My Bunny

My name is Mistress Candy and I am here to enhance the feminine fun of sissies, tarts and sweethearts.

You are going to love being my Sissy Bunny!

Slut It Up!

Sissy Bunny is for femmes of every gender craving something cute. We want you to feel as classy or slutty as you want to be, and we're here to bring you the femme fun you're looking for, selected especially by Mistress Candy.

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    Become a Sissy Bunny today and embrace your girliest side in the sexiest way.

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for all genders, sizes & styles 18+

Sissy Bunny's Perks

Sexy, Sweet & Specially Selected

Every single Sissy Bunny item is chosen or designed specifically for you by Mistress Candy to assure maximum magic.

Sissy Trusted & True

Sissy Bunny items have been lovingly tested for femme fun by your feminizer Mistress and by hundreds of sissies, bunnies & bimbos worldwide.

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Kinky & Cute

Sissy Bunny is here to bring your femme fantasies to life. Whether you crave chastity, sissy sex toys, or something specific this kinky cute experience is perfect for hotties everywhere.

Personalized Packages

Our unique items are handmade or hand selected by Mistress Candy, created with your dream girl desires in mind. Experience the most customized femme fun you'll ever find with Sissy Bunny and treat yourself to something seductive.