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    Please enter "SISSY BUNNY" in the subject line! :)

      NOTE: 2024- we are currently focusing our feminization efforts on our main princess project, Club Candy Kisses. For a SISSY BUNNY style experience, please request a "Sissy Bunny Service" in any Club Candy Kisses kit for a more fetish friendly, freaky, femme fun in any cute custom kit at no extra charge!


      Follow us here to start your sexy Sissy Bunny experience with us here:




      • Q: What is included in the "Sissy Bunny Service" I can add on for free to my Club Candy Kisses order?

      Kinky cute fun!

      In addition to all the sexy services and items you will recieve with your custom feminization kit from our sister site when you mention the magic words in your order notes, you will also be treated to:


      THE SISSY BUNNY SURVEY! Take the "Sissy Bunny" club oath and swear to Mistress Candy that you will be a sissy slut, after she tests your girly side and finds out what makes you tick. Perfect for a little tart like you!

      SISSY BUNNY EARS so you can do the bunny hop, you bimbo

      - A SLUTTIER, SEXIER MORE SISSY-RIFIC LOOK, NAME, and STYLE EXPERINCE! We will make all aspects of your Club Candy Kisses set sissy-flavored and watch you squirm!




      • Q: I want to wear Mistress Candy's used lingerie, or I have another freaky fetish request for my feminizer. How can I make that happen?

      - Awww, I'm flattered, you fairy! We can make that happen easily. Simply request "worn" items from Mistress Candy and or Miss Kisses when ordering your Club Candy Kisses kit unless you prefer clean, unworn items. If you want something specific (panties, tights, socks, etc) to be worn, or something else special, just ask! There is no extra charge. We just like to be kinky for our cuties!




        • Q: Are you discreet?

        Discretion is very important to us! Almost every Sissy Bunny likes to keep their diva life discreet and it's no problem, princess.


        We have kept the secret safe of feminized fairies all over the world, and we will continue to keep all princess business 100% private. 


        When purchasing an original Sissy Bunny item, here are some steps we take to assure our packages are discreet every time:


        🍬 Tracking number provided for the Sissy Bunny as soon as the custom composition is complete. Miss and Mistress make sure you can watch for the exact arrival of your package so no one sees it but you!


        🍬 Bubble or Poly mailer- not only is our mailer used in our original products easy to spot yet not alarming in it’s black plain matte color, it protects and conceals everything inside so the mailman nor anyone else will know what’s inside!


        🍬 Hidden contents- When purchasing a Sissy Bunny custom kit, ‘Oddly shaped’ items are always double wrapped for discretion, don’t worry, doll. We know how embarrassing that can be and would never let that happen to you!


        🍬Safe Payment- The charge from this store will show up as "SS SISSBUNN CUSTOMS". Would you'd prefer not to pay via our typical website's check out system and would prefer Cashapp, Paypal, Venmo, or Amazon Gift Cards if you like! Contact us for these methods, but please be payment ready.



        💫Our guarantee- Your secret is safe with us. You will never deal with any leak of information, photos, nor 'sissy exposure' unless it is so requested by you yourself in writing from Sissy Bunny.We expect that same discretion from our Sissy Bunnies on our end- respect our privacy please, we would never expose you without consent and you will continue to do the same with us- this is part of the terms of our service, cupcake.