Sissy Bunny: where kinky meets cute.

Sissy Bunny was founded by lesbian feminizer fashionista Elleria Candy and inspired by her partner, playmate & pet bunny Scarlette Kisses.

Our goal is to bring bimbo-licious fetish fun to everyone, in every way possible. SISSY BUNNY is the sluttier sister to Club Candy Kisses, the world's first personalized feminiation service delivered discreetly to your door.

Sissy Bunny is all about embracing your inner kinky cutie, and that means having fun, honeybun.

Lets play!

Are you a Sissy Bunny?.


NOTE: 2024- we are currently focusing our feminization efforts on our main princess project, Club Candy Kisses. For a SISSY BUNNY style experience, please request a "Sissy Bunny Service" in any Club Candy Kisses kit for a more fetish friendly, freaky, femme fun in any cute custom kit. :)

  • Mistress Elleria Candy

    Southern belle & styist Mistress Candy began bringing feminization & fetish fun to everyone fresh out of college, now having feminized over 400 pretty people of every gender and striving to bring seductive sweetness to kinky cuties all over the world.. Lover of all things luscious & lusty, Mistress Candy developed Sissy Bunny & Club Candy Kisses for femmes just like you. Elleria Candy is not only the CEO of Sissy Bunny, but also the Lead Feminizer, Head Mistress, Designer, Stylist, Seamstress, Shopper, Matchmaker & more.

  • Miss Scarlette Kisses

    Glamour addict feminizer fairy Scarlette is a experienced, energetic licensed cosmetologist with an eye for design who is the romantic partner & live in assistant to Mistress Candy. Scarlette uses her dolly demeanor to help the Head Feminizer trasnsform tarts into temptresses & keep cuties feeling fabuous.

    Warning: her passion for fashion & fetish fun is totally contagious, honeybun!


    We want the very best for you, bunny. Sissy Bunny is our gift to the kink community; slip into seductive sweet Sissy Bunny bliss. We send out every package with a kiss!

  • Want to know more about us?

    Sissy Bunny is a new site, but you can learn all about Mistress & Miss, why we do what we do, how we do it all, see some of our sexy results & reviews, explore & even become a precious little Candy Kiss right here on our sister site.

  • We are a Female Led, LGBTQ+ Owned & Operated Small Business

    Every purchase from Sissy Bunny supports the continuation of this queer fetish business and your 2 feminizers.

    We pledge to keep our sites add free and our costs as low as possible to keep you kittens cozy.

    Thank you for supporting us!

    Gay rights, girl power :)

  • Handselected & Handmade

    You deserve luxury and to look lovely, and Sissy Bunny offers nothing less than feminizer tested perfection. We take pride in all our choices and even more pride in our personalized & one of a kind items you will find with the Sissy Bunny and Candy Kiss brand. Treat yourself to something tasty!

  • The Sissy Bunny Experience

    If you're craving something kinky and cute, Sissy Bunny is the place for you. No where else in the world will you find this stylish selection of specially chosen items, gathered or created for you with love with the girliest intentions. Being a Sissy Bunny is an oppourunity you don't want to miss!